Frank Diaz Escalet (1930-2012): Power to the People

Frank Diaz Escalet

Frank Diaz Escalet (1930-2012), was a Puerto Rican-American artist who originally lived in New York before settling in Maine. Escalet’s bold and brilliant paintings art chronicle both the everyday lives and cultural expressions of Hispanic Americans in the mid-20th century. Much of Escalet’s is autobiographical, including his attempts to escape the Spanish Harlem ghetto of… Read more »

Zhang Daqian: Artist, Collector, Scholar, Forger

Zhang Daqian

Judging Zhang Daqian (aka Chang Dai-chien) as an artist isn’t hard to do: he was a versatile, daring and highly accomplished painter. Judging Zhang Daqian as a man is much more difficult, as he was a dedicated forger who paid for his extravagant lifestyle by creating absolutely convincing copies of ancient Chinese paintings and duping… Read more »

Xu Beihong (1895-1953): How Europe Shaped a Chinese Modernist’s Art

Xu Beihong: An Introduction Xu Beihong (aka Hsü Pei-hung) was a Chinese painter whose lifelong project involved re-invigorating Chinese art by hybridizing it with Western influences. Motivated by his conviction that the tradition of Chinese painting had gone slack and that over-reliance on mimicry of the past left Chinese art unable to carry the necessary… Read more »

Roland Strasser: Nights Ablaze with Distant Stars

Roland Strasser, "Bali Offering," 1930

Austrian-born Roland Strasser (1885-1974) was an artist, writer and world traveler who explored remote areas of Asia before the cultural transformations wrought by modern warfare and air travel forever altered their local customs. An adventurous spirit who packed a revolver and often dressed like the locals when he traveled, Strasser explored China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia,… Read more » Has a New, Mobile-Friendly Site Design is now fully re-designed as a “mobile-friendly” website that can be viewed on all computers, tablets and mobile phones. The site includes the biographies of 108 artists, as well as images of works that GeringerArt has sold in the past twenty years, all organized by region. There is also an embedded blog that features short… Read more »

Works by Fernando Zóbel from the Estate of Jim and Reed Pfeufer

    On February 6th of this year, the Leon Gallery, located in Makati City, held an auction of 73 works of art by Fernando Zóbel de Ayala (1924-84). The article that follows, which was written for the auction catalog by John Seed, describes the friendship between Zóbel and Jim and Reed Pfeufer, from whose estate… Read more »