Miguel Covarrubias: A Caricaturist Par Excellence

MIGUEL COVARRUBIAS (Mexican, 1904-1957). Miguel Covarrubias was a Mexican painter and caricaturist, ethnologist and art historian. Unsatisfied with the start of his career in Mexico, he moved to New York City in 1924, and drew for several top magazines. In the 1930s Covarrubias and his wife Rose made two trips to Bali where he made… Read more »

Le Pho: A Vietnamese Master

LE PHO (Vietnamese, 1907-2001). Le Pho was born in Viet Nam on August 2, 1907. He was tenth child in a family of twenty fathered by the senior mandarin Le Hoan. Because of his father’s status he received a cultured education, including training in brush painting. Le Hoan was suspected for many years to have… Read more »

Charles Bartlett: Hawaii’s Master Printmaker

CHARLES W. BARTLETT (British, 1860-1940 in Hawaii). Charles Bartlett was born in Bridgeport, Dorsetshire, Enland. After enrolling in the Royal Academy in London he studied painting and etching. He then entered the private studio school Académie Julian in Paris. After his return to England in 1889 he married, but both his wife and infant son… Read more »

Affandi: A Modern Indonesian Master

AFFANDI (Javanese, 1907- May 23, 1990). The painter Affandi has been called a “towering figure in the history of Indonesian modern art.” Affandi’s paintings often display his emotional responses to the lives of a people struggling to move out of poverty towards dignity. Affandi was born in Cierbon, West Java in 1907, the son of… Read more »

A Biography of Indonesian Master Jean Le Mayeur

From Geringer Art’s collection of artist biographies:   ADRIEN JEAN LE MAYEUR DE MERPRES  (Belgian, b. Feb. 9th, 1880 – d. May 31, 1958) Styles: Impressionism, Orientalism Subjects: Belgian Landscapes, Scenes of Asia and Africa, Balinese Genre, Figures and Nudes Jean Le Mayeur is a painter best known for his sensual images of Balinese women,… Read more »

Raden Saleh and the Beginning of Modern Indonesian Painting

The Galeri Nasional Indonesia (The National Gallery of Indonesia) is presenting the exhibition “Raden Saleh and the Beginning of Modern Indonesian Painting” from June 3rd to June 17th, 2012. Raden Saleh, a Javanese nobleman, was the first native of Java to master European painting methods. He was first trained, in Bogor, by the Belgian artist… Read more »

Amorsolo the Illustrator

Fernando C. Amorsolo was a very versatile artist who had considerable skills as an illustrator and commercial artist. Amorsolo’s ability to make money as a working artist appeared early. As a boy he sold hand-made post cards, and then as a university student he earned extra funds by illustrating several novels and also provided religious… Read more »