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TRUBUS SOEDARSONO (Indonesian, 1926-1966)

Trubus Soedarsono was a painter and revolutionary during a tumultuous period in Indonesian history.

During the Japanese Occupation (1942-45), Trubus studied painting with Sudjojono and Affandi in Jakarta.

He was a member of the SIM / Young Indonesian Artists and Pelukis Rakyat / People’s Painters groups in Yogyakarta. He also produced anti-Dutch propaganda posters after World War II.

In 1948 he was imprisoned by the Dutch for his political activities. After his release, he became a lecturer at the Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts from 1950 to 1960. In 1954 he visited Czechoslovakia on a cultural mission, and in 1958 he was appointd a member of Yogyakarta’s regional government. His work was in the collection of President Sukarno.

His oil paintings often featured ethereal, impressionistic images of Indonesian dance and culture.

Trubus Soedarsono was killed during the purges which followed the aborted communist coup in September, 1966.

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