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MAYNARD DIXON (1875-1946)

Born in Fresno, California in the San Joaquin Valley, Maynard Dixon—originally named Henry St. John Dixon—became a noted illustrator, landscape painter and muralist. His best-known subject matter is the early 20th-century American West: especially the desert, Indians, early settlers, and cowboys. Maynard Dixon was a regionalist with a confirmed belief in the vitality of America. His territory was the arid landscape of Southern California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

From 1900 until his death in 1946, Dixon periodically roamed the West’s plains, mesas, and deserts on foot, horseback, and by automobile: drawing, painting, and writing. A cantankerous man with a strong visual memory, Dixon developed a distinctively stylized vocabulary of landscape forms and images. Some of the major themes of his work over time included the majestic western landscape, the mysticism of the Native American.

Maynard Dixon work is regarded as a hinge between late nineteenth-century and contemporary American art. His influential work opened up aesthetic possibilities for numerous modernist landscape painters including Georgia 0’Keeffe, Conrad Buff, and Helen Frankenthaler.


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