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JOSEPH STRONG (American, 1853-1899).

Joseph Dwight Strong, Jr. was born in Westport, Connecticut in 1853, the son of a Congregational minister. After living in Honolulu as a child, he moved to Oakland, California in 1859. He studied at the California School of Design, where instructor Virgil Williams influenced his artistic direction. Residents of Oakland raised funds to help the young artist study in Munich, where his instructors included Carl von Piloty and Alexander Wagner.

After his return to the San Francisco area, he married Isobel Osbourne in 1879. Strong and his new wife then left on a long voyage that took them to Samoa and Hawaii. During his stay on Hawaii, Strong made striking realist images including a depiction of Japanese laborers on the Spreckelsville Plantation. In Honolulu he worked with his friend Jules Tavernier, sharing a studio, and creating paintings of volcanic activity and lava flows. In Samoa he lived on the estate of Robert Lewis Stevenson where he painted tropical landscapes.

After his first marriage ended in divorce, Strong re-married in 1898, but then died in April of 1899 in San Francisco.

Because of the artist’s short life, and the high technical standards of Strong’s work, original paintings by Joseph Strong are rare and sought after.

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