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(JOHN) EDWARD BOREIN (1872-1945)

Born in San Leandro, California, Edward Borein was a well-known Western artist, skilled in ink drawing, watercolor, and etching.

He was raised in San Leandro, California, where his father was a county politician. Borein, who began sketching at age five, had many childhood memories of cattle herding and cowboys. At the age of 17 began working on a ranch near Oakland, California and then sketched as a working cowboy throughout the Southwest, Mexico and Guatemala.

Along with Charles Russell, Borein is the considered one of the most authentic of all early cowboy artists because of his deep familiarity with the cowboy lifestyle. He once said: “I will leave only an accurate picture of the West, nothing else but that. If anything isn’t authentic or just right, I won’t put it in any of my work.”

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