Signature of Artist Ireneo Miranda

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IRENEO L. MIRANDA (Filipino, 1896-1964).

Ireneo Miranda was born in San Fernando, Pampanga, the Philippines. He graduated from the U.P. School of the Arts in 1916, and then designed labels and advertisements for the Pacific Commercial Company. Miranda later became a faculty member there under Fabian de la Rosa.

Known as a watercolorist, illustrator and cartoonist, he was at one time called the “Dean of Philippine Cartoonists.” A 1930 catalog of the University of the Philippines lists Ireneo Miranda as an ” Assistant Instructor in Illustration, Cartooning and Commercial Designing, and Elementary Decorative Painting.”

A contemporary of Fernando C. Amoroslo, Miranda’s illustrations appeared in the periodicals Liwaysay and El Debate.

One of his paintings “Maguindanao Princess” depicts a Muslim Philippine woman in colorful attire. This image appears in the book “Portfolio of 60 Philippine Art Masterpieces” published in 1986.

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